About Us

The Company

FORTUNE IDEA FAB is an INDIAN COMPANY owned family business founded in 2000. It specialises in designing, making ,sourcing and bringing to the market a wide range and diversity of textile home ware products right from Home to Industrial use.

In addition, FORTUNE IDEA FAB creates exclusive ranges for local and international sales to reputed retailers and their brands time to time . We have marketing office in Europe to serve the customer at a calling distance.

We have specialized products for Dollar Stores. We have another division which supplying to Elite customers like Royal family members like highly designer exclusive fashionable Bedding cushion covers to Dubai , UK, Spain , South Africa, Hong Kong, UK and in North America.

Our Certificates


We offer a wide range of goods encompassing clothing, home furnishings, gifts, Institutional Textiles , Yarn ,Fabrics , speicalised fabrics like Organic, OKOtex, Fire retardant , wrinkle free , stain guard , Anti microbiological etc .

Our Responsible to the society is :

  • People & Culture
  • Labour & Human Rights
  • The Environment
  • The Community


Both our customers and staff are extremely important to us. The majority of our production centers are Disability Discrimination Act compliant .Our employees are trained to provide our disabled co workers ,business associates etc with personal assistance where the production center needs . We also employing handicapped people as a social responsibility to the society and also to show that we are giving equal opportunity to all .

We are an equal opportunities employer and we are committed to ensuring that no employee or applicant is treated less favorably on the grounds of race, religion, gender, ethnic origin, disability, or sexual orientation. We practically employed physically disabled people.


We acknowledge the importance of responsible producing , sourcing and the promotion of fair and safe working conditions within our production centers and have introduced various policies ,practices to ensure our products in store reflect our stance.


The ESP recognises the complexity of our supply chain, diversity of product lines that produce them. Our approach is therefore realistic, objective, and geared towards continual improvement. Our intention is to promote high ethical standards within our supply chain without imposing unachievable conditions, which may be counter productive to the workers and supplier's interests or which may encourage dishonesty. Instead we aim to understand the diversity of our supply chain, embrace local cultures, and through our trading relationships, support livelihoods. All manufacturing and processing units are subject to random factory compliance monitoring. New suppliers are required to complete a self-evaluation assessment on their sourcing principles and production capabilities, followed by a self audit against our ESP.

Our ESP addresses the following issues:

  • Forced Labour
  • Health & Safety
  • Wages & Benefits
  • Working Hours
  • Child Labour
  • Equal treatment
  • Freedom of Association
  • Discipline


The Fairtrade Foundation seeks to improve the position of poor and marginalised producers in the developing world, by encouraging industry and consumers in the United Kingdom to support fairer trade. The Fairtrade Mark is awarded to producers of a wide range of products that meet a clear set of internationally recognised standards. Monitoring systems are in place to ensure that the Fairtrade principles and criteria are met and that individual producers benefit from the trading terms. Only products licensed by the Fairtrade Foundation can carry the Fairtrade Certification Mark. Currently we are in the process of Fair Trade practices to all our products to give the support to the poor and marginalized people in India .


We are certified , ISO 9001-2000, SA 8000, GOTS . we are in the process of Fair trade certification also .


We are awarded for the export performance from the Handloom Promotion council for the year 2001-2002.


We have the production facility of Spinning Mills , Sulzer looms, Stitching machines , checking packing facility center , ware housing facility etc in a different location based on the workforce availability.

Our Main office in Karur, Tamil nadu state , India which handles marketing , sampling , financing , accounting . Also all the home linen activity is going on this place .

In Vellakoil our spinning mill is making yarn which is the raw material for the all the textiles products.

In Palladam , we have 16 Sulzer looms making fabrics both for the fabric export also for the Home Linen, Garments exports .

Garment units in Tirupur which handles knitted and woven garments of capacity of making 5000 pcs / day

Dyeing , Printing are the process we do outsourcing due to Pollution problem time to time .


We have a strict no-fur policy and ensure that our brand partners (concessions) abide by this policy .


We do not test or ask our suppliers or any other organisation to test our private label products on animals.


We got the GOTS certification to make the Organic Licensed products from our factory . Organic standards require organic farms to be managed in a way that produces healthy food and produce, while also caring for the welfare of farm animals and the environment. Organic farming delivers a wide range of benefits: Working in balance with natural systems; Consideration for the wider social and ecological impact of farming systems; The encouragement of existing biological cycles involving flora, fauna, plants and animals; and careful attention to animal welfare.

Current organic products can be found in:

  • Organic Home Line products
  • Organic Garments
  • Organic Yarn
  • Organic fabric
  • Organic Institutional Linen like , Terry towels , bedding , uniforms , etc


We provide free carrier bags for our customers to take their purchases value is good , however, in order to reduce the demand for bags all customers are asked if they require a bag when making a purchase. Our everyday bags are produced using cotton fabric and are 100% recyclable themselves. Only water based inks are used and the bags are printed and produced in the UK thereby reducing our carbon footprint by using fewer transport miles. Our luxury carrier bags are made based on the customer specific orders.